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    Tailored Negotiation Training

    Best Negotiating Practices® Program

    Your participants will reach a watershed moment – the turning point from which their negotiations will never be the same

    Watershed’s training challenges habitual approaches with skill development that changes behaviors and improves negotiated results

    Why Watershed?

    No Negotiation is the Same, and Neither are Learning Environments

    Starting with a base curriculum market-tested across the Global 1000

    Delivery that transfers hard and soft skills aligned with how adults learn

    Respecting your team’s current negotiation skills and experience

    Trainings are tailored to target your team’s real world negotiation challenges, counterparts, missed opportunities and market pressures

    Expert Negotiators Deliver Practical Learning

    Facilitators are seasoned negotiators passionate about negotiating

    With cross-industry experience and hundreds of negotiated agreements to their credit, our faciliators don’t just teach; they enthusiastically engage, empowering participants to challenge the ideas and discover more impactful negotiation behaviors and strategies. Beyond the experience we bring, before leading a workshop our team talks with your leaders, learns your business and comes prepared to relate the learning to your negotiating environment.

    Skills and Resources for Sustainable Success

    Delivering insights on the psychology that drives negotiators’ behaviors, allowing participants to discuss and apply the ideas to their own pressing issues, counterparts, stakeholders and objectives

    Helping ensure negoitation becomes a core competency in your organization

    With eTools, free online learning, our NeedHelpNow Advice service, and ROI toolkit, your team is supported long after a workshop ends

    How to Make this Happen?

    Consider the training formats and offerings from foundation to advanced

    Check out the practical nature of our content in our online Negotiator’s Learning Center

    Start a conversation as to how we can suport your negotiators

    If there’s a good fit, we’ll propose a format and approach to match your objectives, making the process as easy as possible for you

    Best Negotiating Practices® Learning Formats

    Learn how we can serve your sales, procurement, project management, mixed function, and government teams.
    Delivered in English and Spanish

    Foundation Negotiation Workshop

    The flagship workshop of the Best Negotiating Practices Program, "Create and Capture Value as You Negotiate," explores the fundamentals of negotiation process and strategy for business practitioners of all professions. Talented negotiators outpace their colleagues and competitors in business and in life because they build relationships that bring desired results. Watershed Associates researches your industry and interviews your team, developing negotiation case studies to address your challenges.

    Who Should Attend?

    The foundational workshop is designed for all professional functions.

    Flexible Formats

    Varying lengths (from 3 days to a 1?2 day) and timing aligned with your needs.

    Participant-Centered Engagement

    Training focuses on engaging participants through a variety of methods including: facilitated discussions, practical and relatable examples, role plays, creation of a company-specific concessions list, Hollywood movie clips debriefed, planning company-specific live negotiations, recaptured learning, and goal setting.

    Role Plays
    Movie Clips
    Goal Setting
    Skills Developed

    Participants are introduced to the framework for negotiating. They overcome any reluctance to negotiate as they engage in exercises and role plays that demonstrate how to solve a party's interests rather than confront their position, and how to engage in bargaining that achieves creative solutions.

    Key modules are bargaining, preparation, and information exchange and validation, with a focus on the most critical Best Negotiating Practices?. We also focus on the relevance of common tactics to collaborative negotiations – how to recognize them, when it is appropriate to use them, and how to defend against them. Participants are guided in their practice of planning, probing, and development of creative concessions.

    A selection of optional modules that best meet the client’s needs, such as email and phone negotiations, cross-cultural negotiations, dealing with difficult, emotional and hostile negotiators, team negotiations, sources of power, internal negotiation for scarce resources, and negotiating styles assessment can be substituted in the workshop curriculum.

    Continuous Learning

    Job aids, e-tools, 3 months coaching for individuals and teams, ROI toolkit —
    We support your learners’ continuous learning at their pace, designed to meet your goals.

    Advanced Negotiation Workshop

    Excellence in Negotiating + Applied (EIN+A) is an advanced negotiation workshop that focuses on application of negotiation strategies to your business. Confident and experienced negotiators have the opportunity to tackle negotiating strategies in complex situations and connect them to their work. Your negotiators become more strategic, and team leaders become more effective mentors and coaches. The approaches we use support enduring behavioral changes that strengthen your team’s competitive edge and ability to capture more value in their negotiations.

    Who Should Attend?

    Ideal participants have taken at least two days of negotiation coursework and have five or more years of on-the-job negotiating experience.

    Flexible Formats

    Varying lengths (from 2 to 3 days) and timing aligned with your needs).

    Participant-Centered Engagement

    Adding to the best practices in adult learning used in the foundation workshop, participants complete a pre-work live negotiation plan and bargaining styles self-assessment that fully connects the learning to their daily work and behaviors. With smaller groups and 3-day lengths, we also use video debrief of role playing to deepen participants’ reflection and insights, growing their negotiation competence.

    Role Plays
    Movie Clips
    Goal Setting
    Behavioral Coaching
    Case Study
    Planning Strategically
    Video Coaching
    Skills Developed

    Designed with maximum flexibility of the content to meet your group’s business goals, negotiation challenges, class size, time commitment and budget. Participants typically submit pre-work, and experience an interactive refresher, strategic negotiation planning, behavioral coaching using role play, and live case study application. Specialty topics (hyperlink) are selected based on each group’s needs.

    Continuous Learning

    Participants receive Watershed’s Negotiator’s Field Guide and other job aids. The Field Guide is also available for system licensing and individual tablet download. Post-workshop support is available in the form of webinars, plan reviews, deal coaching, and individual and team coaching.

    Specialty Topics

    Optional modules that can be added to multi-day workshops or as stand-alone keynotes, webinars and refreshers. We address your team’s on the job challenges, industry, and market pressures.

    What Challenges Do Your Negotiators Face?
    Situation Awareness: 5 Negotiation Strategies
    Legal Considerations in Negotiations
    Strategic Preparation
    Intra-Organizational Negotiations
    Stakeholder Analysis
    Ethics Guidelines for Win-Win Negotiating
    Ethics Guidelines for Lawyers Negotiating
    Recognize and Defend Hardnose Tactics
    Strategies to Overcome Impasse
    Dynamics of Opening Offers
    Engaging in Difficult Conversations
    Intro to Bargaining Across Cultures
    Defense Against Backdoor Selling
    Negotiator as Persuader
    Sales Role: Messenger vs. Negotiator
    Four Tools of Influence
    Response to "Best Price” Requests
    Managing Emotions as You Negotiate
    Body Language in Negoitations
    eNegotiating: Email, Webconf, and Phone
    Quick-Prep for Non-Strategic Deals
    Team Dynamics in Negotiations
    Gaining and Leveraging Power
    Bargaining Styles and Self-Assessment
    How Sales Approaches Negotiations
    Single and Sole Source Negotiations
    How Procurement Approaches Negotiations
    The Truth about Lying in Negotiations
    Power Words in Negotiation
    Dealing with Irrational, Hardnose, and Difficult Negotiators
    Apologies and Appreciation in Negotiations
    Negotiating with Governments


    Watershed's expert negotiators inspire your audience to negotiate more effectively.

    From general sessions to keynotes on negotiations, conference and meeting participants want the tools for conducting effective and efficient negotiations, and we deliver. Watershed’s Best Negotiating Practices? conference sessions inspire even the reluctant to use the negotiating process to develop trust and reach mutually beneficial agreements, with a safe environment to practice new negotiation skills.

    Motivate seasoned negotiators to adopt more productive behaviors
    Inspire reluctant negotiators to bargain with confidence
    Tackle your team’s negotiation pain points
    Why Meeting Planners Choose Watershed Speakers
    Audiences are inspired by our high-energy presentations filled with stories they can relate to in their business and personal lives.
    Participants retain what they learn from entertaining presentation, potent film clips, demonstration and quick practice, with a good dose of laughter.
    Our speakers are negotiation experts with public speaking talent.
    Clients love our specialty topics on negotiations and what we design for them.
    Our speakers interact with the audience to establish rapport, engage them in skill building and leave them with take-away value.


    Watershed coaches negotiators in the workshops and beyond!

    Developmental Coaching builds on your negotiators’ strengths.

    Improves strategies with counterparts
    Establishes goals and targets behaviors
    Includes Check-ins to sustain progress toward goals
    Teams: we work with your team to develop a strategy for specific critical negotiations
    Individual: in private settings (by phone, web-meetings and in-person) we coach executives, key negotiators and those challenged with specific negotiation skill development
    Tools: we provide the tools for your leaders to coach their teams

    Recommended that negotiators participate in the Best Negotiating Practices? workshop before undergoing private negotiating coaching by Watershed. Our experience has proven this to be a more effective path to improve negotiation skills and develop strategies.


    Designed to meet the needs of a specific company, agency or organization, the Best Negotiating Practices? webinars delve deep into critical skill areas and focused topics of unique interest to your negotiators.

    Webinars are Effective
    To refresh class-room learning and skills
    For deep exploration of the nuances around a negotiation topic and strategy
    To reach geographically dispersed audiences
    For groups with limited time for full-day workshops
    On Demand

    How to Get in Touch with Watershed Associates

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